Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Monday, August 13, 2012

A New Path for Ishmael

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,
Greetings once again from Rose Park.  My Bishop (leader of our congregation) and I were joking around this week that I've been here nearly as long as he has.
Thanks for everyone who sent me Family Home Evening ideas.  My sister, Meredith, sent in my personal favorite of teaching little kids the "Once there was a Snowman" and "Popcorn Popping" songs and then either making a snowman with them or making popcorn treats.  A friend of mine from BYU, Melanie Cox, comes in second with the BOP game.  And sorry Dad, even if you sent 110ish ideas, you still come in third :)
Well, this Wednesday Ishamel is going to be baptized at 8:00 (we're replacing our normal youth night with his baptism).  Last Thursday we went by his house and the first thing we asked was if he had chosen a baptismal date.  He told us he had prayed a few times about it and that he kept thinking about this Wednesday as the day Heavenly Father wants him to be baptized into His Church.  Even if Wednesday is not a normal baptismal date, as missionaries we aren't exactly the type of people who argue with ideas from Heavenly Father.  So, this Wednesday it is. 
When he told us what day he wanted to be baptized, his mom wasn't in the room yet, so only the four of us knew (Elder Camacho, Ishamel, David Castaneda, and me).  We always start and end our lessons with a prayer, so I offered the opening prayer.  (At that point, Lilia, Ishmael's mom, was in the room).  In the prayer, I thanked Heavenly Father for giving Ishmael an answer about what day he should be baptized and then asked Him to help Ishmael prepare for this Wednesday.  When we opened our eyes, Lilia looked like she was about to pass out from shock.  It was fun.
Love you all.
Please pray for Ishmael this week that he can continue to prepare for his baptism on Wednesday, August 15th,  that he can be protected from outside influences that want to convince him to go back to his past life, and that he can feel the Holy Ghost testify to him that this is the right path for him.
-Elder Colton

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