Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Hola mi familia y mis amigos, 

Greetings from Layton, UT for another six weeks.  The Lord kept me here in Layton for this coming transfer again.  And how grateful I am He did.  Only Saturday afternoon we were visiting the Lopez Family (who were baptized in December) but they weren't home.  I figured we might as well visit their family who lives in the same trailer part so we walked in their direction.  A white guy stopped us and explained that he has just moved in and wanted to start going back to church, so we gave him the information for the English missionaries (when your area covers 10 english chapels and nearly 10 wards, its hard to know when and where the english congregations meet).  We asked if he had any hispanic neighbors and he directed us to a trailer with a red car out front.  When we knocked and began talking with the lady who answered, a small white dog walked out.  It looked exactly identical to the blind dog that Hermana Camacho has, so I mentioned that to the lady.  She said "Oh...you must know my sister."  We had just knocked on Hermana Camacho's sister's house.  You can imagine my excitement.  Her name is Efigenia and she wants to go to General Conference with us this weekend with her sister.  For the four years since Hermana Camacho was baptized she has never been interested.  But now something is different.  

My companions now are Elder Pratt from Sacramento, California and still Elder Endicott (who is from Joplin, Missouri).  We're having a great time. 

Sorry but we have almost no time this week so I'll wait til next week to continue last week's letter.  

-Elder Colton 

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