Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Area. New Challenges.

Hola mi famila y mis amigos,

Well here I am in Mill Creek, Utah now.  My new area is much more diverse than Rose Park.  Most of the people are not white or hispanic.  Most are Nepali, African, Iranian, or any one of another hundred countries or so.  It makes finding hispanic people to teach a little more challenging, but we're enjoying meeting all sorts of new people.

One of the best parts of this new area is the bishop (what we call a pastor) of our ward (congregation).  He's 62 and is going through chemotherapy right now because of cancer.  Typically a time of life when people sit back and take it easy.  But not him.  He has the energy and excitement of someone half his age.  He told the last missionaries that he would probably be dead were it not for his position as bishop, so he does all he can to keep Heavenly Father happy with the work he's doing.

Please pray that this week we can find people who want to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized.  We have nearly no people we're teaching right now, so prayers would be wonderful.

Love you all,
-Elder Colton

ps. Sorry if you sent a letter recently (within two months) and I haven't responded.  Love you all.

pps. One of the advantages to serving here in Salt Lake City is that we have the opportunity to watch General Conference (a bi-annual televised broadcast of the Prophet and Apostles and other leaders of the church) live with people we're teaching instead of on tv.  But, to do that, we need tickets.  So, please talk with your bishops and anyone else you know about getting tickets and then sending them to your favorite missionary in Salt Lake City (or if you know any other missionaries, then send them to me anyways).

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