Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Starting from Scratch

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

Well first things first: On both Monday and Tuesday morning, the UPS
man dropped off boxes at our house, which is very unusual for us.  The
one on Monday was from the Hughes Family and filled with a box of
delicious barbaque potato chips which we've already eaten nearly half
of.  The one on Tuesday was an overnighted package from my Grammie and
filled with a box of homemade chocolate chip cookies (which nearly all
made it without being crushed or broke).  Maybe I'll do this mission
thing for a few more years so that I can keep getting goodies like
that :)  Thanks a bunch.

Things have been interesting for the past few weeks for us here.  We
came into an area where the previous missionaries weren't teaching
anyone so we are starting from scratch, and that has been hard.  But
we finally have a family of four that we are teaching.  Carina was
someone we met on in the first week here.  She and her husband Luis
have been together since they were 14 years old and they know have two
little boys, Pablo, who is 8, and Brian, who is 6ish.  In the first
lesson, Carina told us she wants to be baptized because she knows that
the Church is something that will help her family and she feels
peaceful when she talks or thinks about it.  But she also said she
doesn't want to be baptized unless her husband wants to do it also.
So for a few weeks we tried to meet him but he was always either
working or already asleep (he works a lot).  But on Sunday, we finally
met him and he was super excited to talk with us.  Tonight we are
going back and we are going to talk with him about Heavenly Father's
plan for each of us (ask Kevin or write me if you have any questions
about that).

Please pray for Luis and Carina that they will be able to be baptized
and start the path towards having an eternal family.

-Elder Colton

ps. Calling all former missionaries, members of the LDS church, and
anyone else with ideas: We are trying to improve how we work with
members and more specifically how we can help members learn how to
share the Gospel with their families.  Please send us ideas and
suggestions on what missionaries can do to help you feel more
comfortable sharing the Gospel.

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