Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

General Conference 101

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,
Greetings from Layton, Utah for perhaps the last time.  On Wednesday we have transfers so I'll find out soon if I am staying or leaving.
Thank you all for your prayers for the Camachos.  Its been the slowest process on the planet but we finally we able to have a lesson with nearly the entire family.  All of them participate and we all felt the Spirit strongly.  It's hard to remember sometimes that everything happens in God's time, which has an eternal perspective and not just a two year missionary perspective. 
And just another little remember- If you can get any General Conference tickets you'll be my favorite person ever.  Sound out to Uncle Brad who is sending us 8 tickets. 
For anyone reading who is wondering what General Conference....here is your answer.  It is a semi-anual broadcast from our Church that is held here in Utah (it is convinient serving a mission in Mormon-Mecca).  The Prophet who guides our Church (yes...we have a living Prophet just like Moses or Abraham), the Apostles (yes...we have 12 Apostles just like Christ did), and other leaders of the Church speak to the world.  Here is a video that has highlights from this past General Conference: http://www.lds.org/general-conference/watch/2012/10?lang=eng&vid=1897003909001.  There are two days of General Conference, each with two two-hour sessions.  The first day is April 6 and the second is April 7.  It is broadcasted on the BYU channel and through the internet.  Feel free to ask my family or anyone else you know who is Mormon and they can answer questions about General Conference. 
Love ya'll,
-Elder Colton

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