Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lacrosse and Missionary Work

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,
Well this has absolutely nothing to do with missionary work....BUT NORTHVIEW BEAT LAMBERT. WOOOHOOO.  They haven't lost a game in two years since we last beat them (back when Kevin and I were on the same team) but Northview won this past week.  Kevin scored a behind-the-back goal and schooled Lambert.  They've been one of the top teams in the country.  (Sorry Lambert...it's just really cool that we beat you). 
Anyways...back to the spiritual aspect. 
I'm still here in Layton, but with a twist.  I have a new companion who has been out for more than a year and has never spoken spanish his entire mission.  His name is Elder Endicott and he's from Missouri.  We've had such a fun past week.  Our Bishop changed our areas so are in a completely new area of Layton which makes life interesting, but we're having success.  We met a man name Jose Luis who wants to be baptized on Saturday.  Please pray for him.  He needs to quit drinking coffee before then but is on the right track.
Other good news, the Camachos are still in my area so I still get to keep working with them.  This past week we had a wonderful lesson with Katia.  We focused on agency and that we all have the choice to choose our path, no one can choose it for us.  Hermana Camacho shared her testimony and brought us all to tears.  At the end we asked Katia if she felt this was the path God has for her and she said yes.  She explained that she just doesn't feel ready to commit right now but that she knows it is right.  She was so sincere about it and all she needs now is some more time.
Love ya'll,
-Elder Colton

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