Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Monday, June 3, 2013

"The Church is True"

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

Well...quite a bit has changed over the past week.  Last week my mission president called and said we were getting a new missionaries from the MTC (Missionary Training Center) a few weeks early and that I would be training him.  His name is Elder Martinez and he's from Nashville, Tennessee. My old companion, Elder Andrus, was moved to a new area.  

And Elder Martinez had a great experience to start off his mission, because on Saturday, Elizeth was baptized.  I didn't really meet her during my first two weeks here, but she has been going to church for the past few weeks and had made so many changes in her life.  During her preparation interview, she explained that she used to live quite a crazy life and in her own words, used to always "behave bad."  She's now a single mom with three boys (2,4, and 6).  Each of the three should be contained in a mental asylum because of how crazy they are (though if you ask my Mom I may have been worse when I was a kid).  

Elizeth explained that she always wanted to baptize her sons but things would always keep her from doing it (moving, getting sick, along with a billion other reasons).  It's rare to find three hispanic boys who aren't baptized Catholic way before they are they ages these three are now.  As she talked, she realized that she had been prepared for this moment many years ago.  That it wasn't something that just happened a few months ago, but rather something God has prepared her for her entire life (and beyond).  That she didn't baptize her sons because she deep down knew it was needed.  She now has hope for the future and wants to stick with this change.  Her best friend was baptized a few months ago and now the two of them are preparing to  go to the Temple for the first time together. 

The Church is true.  

Love ya'll,
-Elder Colton

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