Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hola mi familia y mis amigos
Another great week gone by in the Provo MTC.  So an interesting thing happened today (well it started a few weeks ago).  The second week here, one of the elders in our district, Elder Davis, asked if I would accompany him and three other missionaries from our district while they sang "Praise to the Man" (a church hymn about the Prophet Joseph Smith) but set to the original tune.  So even though I had never accompanied at all (except once or twice in sacrament meeting and other meetings here at the MTC) I said I would.  We sang it in sacrament meeting last Sunday and it went very well.  Elder David and Elder McPhee have sang for a long time and Elder Harris and Elder Frost have learned very quickly and all four sound fantastic.  And then someone suggested we audition to play in an MTC devotional (all of the Tuesday devotionals have a special musical number).  So, today we auditioned.  As the kid who has never made it through a piano recital without messing up (not to mention the Temple Celebration moment, ask Kevin for the youtube video of that moment if you ever want a laugh), I predictably messed up a little (not badly, but a little).  But, we still made it.  The MTC's relief society's first counselor, Sister Nally, who is also the wife of the MTC first counselor, fell in love with our song.  So sometime in the next four weeks, the five of us will be performing in front of all 2,000+ missionaries here.  Plus all of the MTC's around the world because Sister Nally so kindly thought I would love to know that these meetings are broadcast to all of them.  Plus whichever church leadership member happens to be speaking that day.  So, prayers would be nice.  Advice on how to not mess up while playing would be even nicer.  I'm doomed :)
But other than the second most embarassing moment of my life coming up, everything has been fantastic here (and I'm actually really not even that nervous for the performance, I just enjoyed making it dramatic).  Spanish is coming along nicely and I'm relatively comfortable with teaching now (meaning I can talk with a four year old now and probably not feel pathetic).  One of the things emphasized in our devotional on Tuesday was the importance of the Book of Mormon.  So I've restarted reading the Book of Mormon in spanish.  I'm getting by.  My goal is to keep up with Meredith, and thankfully she has a boyfriend to distract her.  Have a great week. 
-Elder Colton

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