Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Monday, June 18, 2012

Rose Park Round Two

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,
Greetings from Rose Park, Utah once again.  We had transfers this past week, but to my surprise, I'll be staying in the same area for at least another transfer here.   My last companion, Elder Mocyzgemba has changed areas and he is now in Toelle County, Utah.  My new companion is Elder Camacho from Arlington, Texas, although he has only lived there for two years.  Before that he lived in Mexico for his whole life, so his english is fairly limited.  This is his first area and also his first week as a missionary, so we've had a fun time considering between the two of us we have a combined 14 weeks of being missionaries.  But, we're having a great time and working hard.
So I don't know how much most of the world knows about "fasting."  Fasting is a way we can ask for special blessings from Heavenly Father.  It means we go for 24 hours and two meals without eating or drinking.  We begin a fast with a prayer to God asking for a specific blessing, such as the health of a person, help finding a job, or anything righteous desire you have that you feel the Lord wants you to have as well.  It has to be both realistic, meaning we can't fast for the entire world population to have food, and in line with God's will, meaning you can't fast for something that God doesn't want.
Yesterday, Elder Camacho and I fasted for spiritual guidance in finding people who need the Gospel of Jesus Christ right now (when I say Gospel of Jesus Christ, I mean the teachings of Jesus, both from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and modern day prophets and apostles).  We began out fast on Saturday night and ended it on Sunday night.  During the time, we found three different families or individuals that all want to make changes in their lives.  Despite not eating, we had more energy and excitement than any other day so far.  When we ended our fast, we felt the Holy Ghost very strongly, which helped us feel completely at peace.  Fasting truly is a way we can be more intune with God through the Holy Ghost.
-Elder Colton

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