Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Monday, December 17, 2012

Prayers for Lucio

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,
Well this week there is bunches to tell about, so I'll split it into three main parts:
1. Lynette was baptized on Saturday and it was incredible.  She invited all of her friends to come and nearly 70 people were at the baptism (normally there are 10-20).  Apart from the the baptismal font deciding to fill incredibe slowly and thus not being completely full for the baptism, everything went perfect.  It's an odd feeling to realize just how simple of a decision it is to be baptized, yet just how profound of a change it creates.  And it all started with one 18 year old talking with her best friend about God.

2. This week I need your help.  Each and every person who is reading this: I NEED YOUR HELP. Hopefully that grabbed your attention enough. 
One of the people we're teaching right now is a 17 year old boy named Lucio.  He's a stud and wants to be baptized.  Last night we went to Temple Square with him and while we were there, he said "I've already made my decision [about being baptized] and no-one can change that.  The only thing I'm waiting for is my mom."  Lucio's mom, Monica, lives in California and works everyday.  She wasn't planning on coming to visit for Christmas because she needs to work all next week. 
This is the point we are at right now:
1. There are two 22 year olds who have already served missions who said they will drive to California to pick up Lucio's mom
2. There are people who said they will pay for the gas, hotel, and the bus ride on her way home
3. Lucios says he will be baptized as soon as his mom gets here
There is only one thing left: Lucio's mom getting three days off of work.  That, right now, doesn't seem likely because of her schedule.  But, thankfully God really enjoys doing stuff that doesn't seem likely (examples: my baby cousin DJ living when she was born with basically half a heart, Mike Rettker not having failed out of school, plus all sorts of other miracles that ya'll can think of).  It would be fairly easy for God to give Monica three days off of work.  
So here is where you come in: We can't change God's will, but with our faith and prayer we can unlock blessings that he has held reserve.  So please pray for that this coming week.  Please pray that Monica will have three days off of work so that she will come to Utah to watch her son's baptism.  I know it's possible.  All God wants to do is shape the character of His children and bless us in the process.  It would change the lives of both Lucio and his mom immensely if she comes for his baptism.  Christmas is the only time of year where this is a solid possibility.  So...will you pray for Monica so that she will come to Utah for Luico's baptism?  If you say yes, thank you.  If you say no, then repent, say yes, and now I'll thank you :) It's going to happen.
Love ya'll,
-Elder Colton
And I haven't done any shout-outs for awhile but Grammie and Granddad definitely get one for this week.  They sent me a ham.  Yes, a Honey-Bake Ham.  Along with all sorts of other goodies (cinamon apple slices, etc.)  Not exactly what I was expecting when I got home for the evening, but very much appreciated.  It was exactly what both my companion and I needed on that exact day.     

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