Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Friday, January 4, 2013

"A Real Invitation"

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

Greetings and Salutations from Layton, Utah.  We have had an incredible past two weeks.  For starters, last weekend the Lopez Family was baptized.  Originally Franciso and Martina (the parents) only wanted their children (Josh and Yoli) to be baptized because they had never been baptized into any church.  But once they understand that families can be together forever because of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, they realized that they wanted to do it as well. They now have the goal to go to the Temple together as a family in a year and be create a marriage without any of the "til death do you part" stuff.

Their baptism was originally going to be 6:00 on Sunday but our Bishop asked us to change it to 6:30 so he could be there.  We forgot to mention that to the Lopez's so they arrived at 5:30 like we had originally told them.  With the Lopezs was Martina's sister, Gloria, and her husband, Juan.  Gloria was baptized 7 years or so ago but Juan never was.  Just four months ago he believed there was no God.  But then another set of missionaries invited him to pray and ask God if he was there.  God answered.

But that didn't speed up the process towards baptism too much (or so we thought).  Juan said he wanted to wait at least a year before being baptized (finding out that God exists had already rocked his world a little bit).  When he arrived at his family's baptism, his wife made a joke that he should get baptized with them.  So we also "joked" that he should do it.  He said he wanted to still wait a year so we left it at that.

Right about then Josh (the 8 year old) walked out of the bathroom in his wife baptismal clothes.  A few minutes later, Yoli came out of the women's bathroom in her white baptismal dress.  Five minutes later, Francisco came out in his white clothes.  Right about then, Juan told us he wanted to be baptized that night with his family.

He later told us that as he saw Josh walk out, he felt a warm feeling inside (the Spirit) that said he should be baptized, but he quickly rejected the idea.  A few minutes later when he saw Yoli, he said he felt the same thing but much stronger.  When he saw Francisco he told us he couldn't deny it anymore.  He knew God wanted him to be baptized. 
Juan, Bishop Barrera, Josh, Elder Rasmussen, Me, Yoli, Franciso, Martina


This Gospel is the greatest gift God has for us.  It is the way we can have a happy family here and is the only way we can have our families forever.  I know that to be true.  Through Christ and His Restored Church we can have complete happiness.  I know that is true because I feel it.  And I invite everyone to do the same by baptized by someone holding the restored priesthood authority of God that this Church holds.  Yes, that is a real invitation to you reading this right now.  Think about it.  Pray about it.  God will tell you that it is what he wants you to do.  He will.  And it will bless your life forever.

Don't hesitate to write me a letter if you have any questions (1428 W 1650 N #703; Layton, UT 84041).

-Elder Brandon Colton

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