Elder Colton

Elder Colton

Monday, October 21, 2013

"An Awkward Moment..."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

General Conference was legit but it feels like an eternity ago, not just one week.

We had a really great experience this past weekend.  For a few weeks now we've been visiting a family.  They've been coming back to church in the recent months and its been awesome to see how happy they are. 

The mom goes each week and the dad goes just about every week.  But his daughters were a little more hesitant.  Two are teenagers and one is eleven. When we first visited, the daughters felt kind of awkward (or at least it seemed that way to us) and who can blame them?  Two twenty year old's suddenly walk in and start talking about Jesus Christ and how he can help us, prophets, a plan of salvation, and who knows what else. I would be weirded out at first too (I never realized just how awkward some people feel with us until I was talking with the couple who are our landlords...she was baptized two years ago and is able to give us great insights on what not to do in first lessons).

In our second lesson we had an awkward moment when we started talking about the parents preparing to go to the Temple to be sealed (when a family is joined together for eternity) and pulled out a lesson pamphlet.  Then the dad whispered loudly to us "that was still a secret." Opps...they hadn't told the girls about it yet. The girls were a wee bit surprised, but it worked out well in the end. 

Now they are going to church and are enjoying it.  One of the teenagers isn't baptized and said she wants to be baptized in November.  All of them have said they want to be sealed in December with their parents.  Last night we talked about the plan of salvation and repentance and we could see the "light bulb moment" happen for one of the girls.  They are one of my favorite families from my mission. 

Only a few months left but it will be the best few months of my mission. 

Love ya'll,

-Elder Colton

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